FDJ is looking to innovate in the physical and digital intersection of their 30K location in France. Technologies such as Web 3 and the Metaverse open an opportunity to build new ways of Gaming and 3D interactions. The main problem they are exploring is the limitations of current touchscreen technology.  
FDJ has created an Innovation space to test Touchless technologies at their Paris Headquarters. Touch Screens require direct contact, which in current COVID-19 times reduces hygiene. It also means that screens must be at indoor locations, limiting sales.
The Brief
To develop a touch-free interactive Screen using Gestoos technology to improve usability, allowing for dynamic digital signage screens and interactivity.
FDJ has to integrate Gestoos in-store, so the clients can interact with screens to place a bet. The main challenges are detecting the client's age to avoid any minors betting or playing money games. In the short term, Gestoos could provide new interfaces to the audience during events organized by FDJ, such as sports competitions. 
Generally speaking, Gestoos seems to perfectly match the "Expériences physicals " strategy," which is unique for a company with software and scalable solutions to digitize in-store activities. 
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